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Migration is as old as humanity itself. Migration has always be a part of the development of human societies in some shape or form, especially in moments of economic or social hardship. Making the decision to pack your suitcases and leave your country and family in search of new opportunities is one of the most psychologically profound decisions anyone can take in their lifetime. It is a decision that changes you and affects everyone else that surrounds you, family and friends.

This week Nicholas Houston, the Director of VisAustralia, addressed the Italian Community in Canberra on the subject of transitioning from provisional to permanent visas from within Australia. Also at the event were officials from the Department of Immigration and the Italian Ambassador.

If you are thinking about moving to another country and Australia is one of the options, VisAustralia's free Migration Assessment Tool will tell you whether you are eligible to live and work in Australia in just 3 minutes. The application is free and invovles answering a small number of strategic questions.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 15:26

Merry Christmas from Australia!

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Christmas. That time of the year that we enjoy in family, decorating our house with colourful lights, buying presents for adults and kids, cooking sumptuous meals that we serve in a huge table, surrounded by our loved ones (and rest of the family visiting).

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 15:12

Nicholas Houston visit to Mexico

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Nicholas Houston, migration lawyer and founder of VisAustralia, visited Mexico City last November. During his stay in the Mexican capital he had the chance to speak with a lot of people that want to come to live and work in Australia.

Monday, 19 October 2015 18:55

Direct from Costa Rica to Australia

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Congratulations to Silvia Vargas who has just received her permanent visa. It was a difficult process but in the end she achieved her desired outcome.

A comment from Silvia:

Monday, 19 October 2015 18:29

Our Services

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VisAustralia is an immigration consultancy that assists students and qualified people migrate to Australia. VisAustralia specialises in Spanish-speaking customers and particularly those living in Latin America and works with people from all over the world.

Monday, 19 October 2015 18:13

Our immigration lawyer will be visiting Mexico

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VisAustralia is pleased to announce the working visit of Nicholas Houston, lawyer and registered migration agent, to Mexico City. Nicholas Houston will be working in the VisAustralia office in Mexico City from November 6 to November 29, 2015. We remind you that VisAustralia is the only Australian law firm and registered migration agency with offices in Mexico.

Are you interested in migrating but you don’t know how? In VisAustralia we have the answer for you. Join us in our free videoconference, completely in Spanish, where we will talk about life in Australia, salaries and jobs, education, security, visa process and more. 

We have limited spaces available so register today!

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VisAustralia Upcoming Events

Consulta Legal

El propósito de la consulta legal es confirmar tu elegibilidad mediante el análisis que el abogado hace de tu caso y definir cuál es la mejor estrategia de visa para ti.

La consulta legal se realiza en persona en nuestra oficina o por video conferencia en Skype o por teléfono en caso que no tengas acceso a internet. Al término de la consulta el abogado pone por escrito todo lo que se habló durante la consulta.

Durante la consulta legal el abogado:

1. Revisa tu ocupación, educación y experiencia laboral y establece cual es la mejor opción de acreditación para ti;

2. Revisa cuál de los estados en Australia ofrece las mejores oportunidades de patrocinio;

3. Revisa si tu nivel de inglés es suficiente para satisfacer el requerimiento del nivel de inglés para solicitar la visa;

4. Identifica si hay algún periodo de tiempo crítico dentro de tu estrategia de visa que hay que tomar en cuenta;

5. Confirma la elegibilidad de los miembros de tu familia;

6. Identifica cual cuestión de salud o carácter que pudiera presentar problemas;

7. Explica cómo puedes combinar una visa de estudiante con una solicitud de visa permanente para que puedas migrar a Australia mientras esperas a que tu visa permanente sea aprobada;

8. Explica el proceso de la solicitud de visa, periodos de tiempo, el costo: además

9. Responde cualquier pregunta que tengas acerca de Australia y el proceso de la visa.

Otros Servicios de Visa

VisAustralia ofrece un servicio de consultoría para las personas que deseen solicitar todo tipo de visas incluyendo visas de Pareja, Familia, Inversionista.

Información para pago de la consulta

El costo de la consulta legal es de AUD$200 y puedes realizar el pago con tu tarjeta de crédito en el portal de nuestro sitio web.

Para reservar una consulta legal con uno de los abogados de VisAustralia, te pido que llenes la forma y hagas click en el botón de continuar.