Migration Assessment Tool

About the Migration Self Assessment Tool

The VisAustralia Migration Assessment Tool (VisA On-line) is a specialised application that accurately assesses your eligibility to live and work in Australia. It is a service designed to provide free, instant and accurate advice in relation to your Australian migration options.

VisA On-line reflects the most recent version of the Australian Migration Regulations, the current points test, and occupation lists, and is updated to 16 November 2019.

On completing VisA On-line you will know:

1. Whether you and your family are immediately eligible to migrate to Australia;
2. The best kind of visa you and your family can apply for;
3. Your score on the migration points test;
4. Whether you need to study to migrate;
5. Your entitlements in Australia.

You will also receive an email confirming your assessment and be invited to contact on one of our expert consultants for an obligation-free discussion of your options or to request a Legal Consultancy with a VisAustralia lawyer to confirm your VisA On-line results.

How to use VisA On-line

VisA On-line will provide you with a legally accurate response if your answers to the questions are accurate. You should also do VisA On-line on behalf of your partner as he or she may be more eligible for a visa than you.

Privacy Policy

To help us provide you with the best service possible we need basic information from you.

We will use this information to confirm your VisA On-line results and send you information about Australia and its migration system. We will not disclose personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, age, occupation etc, without your permission unless for the purpose of providing you with visa related information or as otherwise required by law.

A more detailed description of VisA On-line, the terms and conditions of use, and privacy policy, are set out in More Information. By clicking I Agree you agree to these terms and conditions and may start VisA On-line.